2014 Members

Asfaw, Desta

Bailey, Terraine
Berhanu, Tseada **
Blum, Gary
Briscoe, Hon. Dianne

Carroll, Terrance
Carson, Renee
Carson, Ronisha
Clark, Erin**
Collins, Jennifer
Cross, Michael

Daniel, Hon. Wiley Y.
Devereaux, Vanessa **

Dixon, Christina
Dorancy-Williams, Jill
Duggan, Angela

Espinosa, Adam
Evans, Scott

Farbes, Kwali
Fay, Olympia
Felder, Danielle
Fields, Leslie

Gorham, Nicole
Gray, Skip
Gutierrez, Natacha

Henderson, Xakema
Houston, Marcus
Howard, Claudine**
Howell, Velvetta

Jackson, Hon. Gary
Jeffrey, Keeya
Johnson, Cornell
Johnson, Myles**
Jones, Micah**
Jordan, Hon. Claudia

Kidd-Aaron, India

LaCabe, Alvin
Lackey, Wendell
Laffoon, Lucy**
Large, Bryon
Lindsey, Cajardo

McKinney, Cinque **
Miller, Adrian
Moultrie, Pax

Nelson, Kyontha

Okunade, Tayo

Perez, Patricia
Porter, Satima
Powell, David
Powell, Patricia

Rash, Danielle
Redenius, Melinda*
Rentrope, Jennifer
Rhodes, Paula
Robinson, Randolph **
Rohrer, Emmaly

Scott, Y.E.
St. Julien, Jason
Starkey, Marquitte

Thompson, Aaron **
Thompson, Joanna **
Truman, Rachel **

Washington, Monique


Please click the link to fill out the Sam Cary Bar Association 2014 Membership Application. This form will be used to update the Membership Directory. Completed forms should be emailed to membership@samcarybar.net.  The schedule of dues for the Year 2014 is in accordance with the Bylaws and is as follows:

 Law Students:    Free
 Associate Members (non-lawyer):           

 Active/Inactive/Retired Members:   $50.00  

 Life Members:   Free
 Retired Members:   Free


As in previous years, you may also make a tax-deductible contribution to the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund.  This year, SCBA has issued a challenge "Twenty and 14" Fundraising Challenge.  More information can be found below regarding the challenge.  

Contributions can be made by enclosing a separate check made payable to the Sam Cary Bar Association Scholarship Endowment Fund for the amount you wish to contribute or by making an online donation below. If you prefer to make a pledge instead of a gift at this time, please indicate the amount of your pledge on the Membership Information form. 

Make an online donation to the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund here: 

Click here to download the Membership application. In order to ensure future direct communications, please include your EMAIL ADDRESS. Please send the application along with a check to the address listed on the application. Thank you and welcome to the Sam Cary Bar Association.

Twenty and 14 Scholarship Fundraising Challenge
For the past two years, the Membership Committee has successfully concentrated its efforts on increasing our membership.  In 2013, our membership reached record numbers. 
In this new year, we want to take on a different challenge.  In 2014, we want to increase our membership support and contributions to the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund which benefits our DU and CU law students.
So here's the challenge-- from February 20th through March 31st, SCBA asks each SCBA member to get 20 people to donate $14 to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.  These tax deductible donations can be paid by check or made directly through our SCBA website by clicking the donation button at www.samcarybar.net under the membership tab.
To sign up for the Twenty and 14 Challenge email the Membership Committee at membership@samcarybar.net with "Sign Me Up" in the subject line.  Challenge participants will be recognized at the 2014 Scholarship Gala on Saturday, October 18th at the History Colorado Museum

2014 SCBA Membership Committee Chairperson

Terraine L. Bailey
Bailey Law Firm, LLC


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