2014 Members

Asfaw, Desta

Bailey, Terraine
Berhanu, Tseada **
Blum, Gary
Briscoe, Hon. Dianne

Carroll, Terrance
Carson, Renee
Carson, Ronisha
Clark, Erin**
Collins, Jennifer
Cross, Michael

Daniel, Hon. Wiley Y.
Devereaux, Vanessa **

Dixon, Christina
Dorancy-Williams, Jill
Duggan, Angela

Espinosa, Adam
Evans, Scott

Farbes, Kwali
Fay, Olympia
Felder, Danielle
Fields, Leslie

Gorham, Nicole
Gray, Skip
Gutierrez, Natacha

Henderson, Xakema
Houston, Marcus
Howard, Claudine**
Howell, Velvetta

Jackson, Hon. Gary
Jeffrey, Keeya
Johnson, Cornell
Johnson, Myles**
Jones, Micah**
Jordan, Hon. Claudia

Kidd-Aaron, India

LaCabe, Alvin
Lackey, Wendell
Laffoon, Lucy**
Large, Bryon
Lindsey, Cajardo

McKinney, Cinque **
Miller, Adrian
Moultrie, Pax

Nelson, Kyontha

Okunade, Tayo

Perez, Patricia
Porter, Satima
Powell, David
Powell, Patricia

Rash, Danielle
Redenius, Melinda*
Rentrope, Jennifer
Rhodes, Paula
Robinson, Randolph **
Rohrer, Emmaly

Scott, Y.E.
St. Julien, Jason
Starkey, Marquitte

Thompson, Aaron **
Thompson, Joanna **
Truman, Rachel **

Washington, Monique


SCBA is your partner to help you grow in your practice.  As the only bar association in Colorado founded by African-American attorneys dedicated to the advancement of African-Americans in the legal profession, let us help you with: 

  • Networking: SCBA hosts numerous events which provide for networking with attorneys of diverse practice areas and mentoring opportunities.
  • Education: SCBA offers CLEs and other educational programming to help stay current with education requirements.
  • Work: SCBA offers opportunities to participate on interest-based committees including the Young Lawyer's Division, public policy, and others.
  • Business: SCBA provides resources for practice management including updates on major changes to the law, including, but not limited to model jury instructions, statutory changes, and rule changes.
  • Involvement: SCBA has numerous opportunities to become involved in community outreach.
  • Employment: SCBA members receive notices regarding employment openings.

To become an SCBA member, register online. For more information, contact membership@samcarybar.net.

Give to Sam Cary

Before January 1st, Make Your Donation to Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund Contributions can be made by enclosing a check made payable to the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund for the amount you wish to contribute or by making an online donation below.  If you prefer to make a pledge instead of a gift at this time, please indicate the amount of your pledge on the Membership Information form. 

Make an online donation to the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Fund here: 


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